Geysers consume a large portion of energy in the home, but Solar Powered Geysers are based on solely on using the energy of the Sun.

Whether you go completely off-grid or simply supplement your energy/electrical intake by starting off gradually with a Solar Geyser this is a great way of coping with the ongoing increase in energy/electrical costs currently haunting the South African public and moving towards a Greener Household in Nelspruit. Solar Geysers range in many sizes from 150l, 200, and series where you link more than one geyser together, Solar series are particularly best for guest houses and hotels.

Solar Geysers Installations

If your Electric Geyser has burst this would be a great time to change to Solar. We provide you with a full geyser report in order to submit to your insurance and  this provides a little assistance when going the root of Solar as you benefit from the pay out and in return no more high bills demanded by Eskom.

For those of you who are worried what id there is no sun we do provide you with options of either opting for a Solar Controller or a Timer which will aid in those gloomy days where the sun has disappeared for a few days.

The Real Benefits of Solar Geysers

  • Solar is free hot water

  • On a good sunny day it cab reach a water temperature of between 70 to 80 degrees

  • A Solar System increases the vale of your property

  • A Solar Geyser is the only appliance that saves you money

  • Generated Free, Clean energy while reserving the environment

  • Electricity increases 15% year ib year, start saving from day 1

  • Warm water accounts for up to 40%, yes 40% of your Electricity bill

  • SABS approved

  • 5 year warranty, 20 year life expectancy and 1 year workmanship guarantee

Why wait… An efficient Solar Geyser will effectively harness the power of the dun to meet all of your hot water needs in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner that also saves money.

For solar geysers at an affordable price REQUEST A QUOTE and place your order today.