Domestic & Commercial

Our services range from New Installations, Replacements, Relocation’s, Maintenance and Insurance Claims.
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All Geysers

  • Solar Geysers
    • High Pressure
    • Low Pressure (Works on gravity only)
  • Electric Geysers
  • Gas Geysers
  • Geyser Series (linking 2 geysers or more)

Solar Controllers

A Solar Controller provides you with the exact temperature of your geyser and solar panel. It is designed to stream line the process of heating your geyser to an exact temperature of your requirement. It can be set to switch off at a set temperature unlike your normal Timer which goes according to the thermostat on geyser. Solar Controllers are best used for domestic and commercial use.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump offers you a better way to use electricity to heat water efficiently where as a geyser uses roughly four times more power to heat the same amount of water as the heat pump. Heat pumps are limited to temperature and can only produce a maximum of 55 degrees compared to an electric geyser which can go up to a maximum 70 degrees.

Main Water Lines

This is the piping that carries the water from the municipal meter to the inlet points of your house. If there is a water leak that is undetectable it could possibly be a water leak underground on main line which is difficulty and costly to repair if one does not know how to investigate.


Unblocking of drains can be a daunting experience for those who are not equipped or have the knowledge for such a task. Unblocking of drains can happen in various ways such as using rods, drain cleaner, replacing sections of piping, installing of grease traps for oils and foods (commercial) and installing of vents. Drains can be blocked by roots, foreign matter, wet pipes, plastic, tissues, toilet paper and a lot more.

General Maintenance

  • All Taps
  • Shower Doors
  • Toilets (Full Toilet, Toilet Kits, Wax, Flexi Pipes)
  • PRV Valves
  • Thermostats
  • Elements
  • Prep bowls
  • Zincs
  • Basins
  • Water Meter
  • And More

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