Generally speaking, there is a network of water pipes running in and around our houses.   We tend to take it for granted that these pipes will just carry on working for a lifetime without a single bit of maintenance.  The truth is, like anything, without general maintenance, you be sure that at some time, usually the worst hour, something will go wrong.   So to avoid possible costly repairs, general maintenance can usually save you from having to run around looking for a Nelspruit based plumber in a hurry.

Don’t worry, it’s not as much hands on maintenance as it is awareness.

Some General Maintenance Advice from Nelspruit Plumbers

General Maintenance

You may not think much of your slow draining sink or bath water, but the truth of the matter is there may not just be a blockage in the pipe, the problem may be far greater, such as a pipe that has broken or trees roots that have grown into the pipe.

Throwing harmful chemicals into the slow draining pipe may cause more damage than good.  It is always better to call a professional Nelspruit plumber if the problem continues after having no joy from using a plunger.

Water leaks can be a costly problem.

We tend to think that a dripping tap may be the only “leak” our water taps can have.  Unfortunately, there can be far bigger problems than a simple tap leaking.

A sudden spike in your water bill, a water meter that keeps running after all the taps have been turned off, or damp areas in our gardens or driveways could be caused by an underground water pipe that has broken.  The pipe could have a small hole in it that is slowly releasing water for now and a quick repair could save you a more costly repair should the pipe burst. Be sure to call the plumber if you notice any of the above signs.

Most people can replace a washer in a tap.  But for many people, it’s a bothersome task that gets put off.  The sad truth is that while we can live with the leaking tap, it can waste up to 20 000 litres of water a year!!  Getting a plumber out once a year to check all your taps and replace the necessary washers, could save water, while also saving money on your water bill.

When moving to a new home it is recommended that you have a plumber come out and check your geyser and see that it has been installed to specification.  We all take it for granted that the geyser has been installed correctly and that all is well.  However you never know if the people living in the house before you did the installation themselves.

In our warm climate, our geysers need to be turned down to 60 degrees Celsius.  Anything higher than 60 degrees is just a waste of electricity.  It was not a requirement back in the day for geysers to be earthed or to have the electrical isolator switch a meter from the geyser.  Ensuring your geyser has a drip tray could save you replacing more than just your geyser should it burst.  Steady dripping outside your house from a geyser overflow will cause your geyser to have to use more electricity. It does this to keep the water hot which results in a hefty electricity bill and unnecessary waste of water.

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