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December 14, 2017

Upcoming Specials on our Nelspruit Plumbing Services

Ours has been a busy year! We have worked on countless projects, which have included both building construction sites as well as private homes across Nelspruit and White River. We have also taken care of thousands of leaks, breaks and general maintenance for the community, helping our clients to save both their money and water. This year, we undertook a number of reconstruction projects, bulking up our portfolio and experience to help us give more to our clients. From placing plumbing throughout new houses being built to building beautiful new bathrooms, covering both the plumbing and the tiling, many have […]
November 27, 2017

5 Top Reasons to Hire Professional Plumbers in Nelspruit

When faced with a leaking tap or a toilet that is running incessantly, the first two instincts of many people have is either hoping that the leak will miraculously fix itself or to try a hand at DIY. In reality, neither of these instincts will generally end well. Most times, the only thing you should be doing is calling in professional plumbers in Nelspruit to handle the job. Reasons for hiring plumbers in Nelspruit There are certainly more than 5 good reasons for hiring a professional plumber. But for the sake of keeping this article short and to the point, […]
September 13, 2017
plumbers in nelspruit

5 Bits of Advice from our Plumbers in Nelspruit

Plumbers in Nelspruit have seen it all, and we have a few bits of advice that might help prevent a plumbing emergency. When your taps are leaking, your drains are clogged or your pipes decide today is the right time to burst, there can be no worse feeling than literally seeing your money go down the drain! While plumbing emergencies do happen, it is not always an old pipe that is at fault. Trying to fix pipes that have been clogged up, to trying to fix that pesky leak, trying to make things work on your own is not the […]