January 29, 2018
There are many reasons to hire plumbers in Nelspruit

Keeping things under control until the plumber arrives

Plumbing emergencies usually occur suddenly and without any warning.  Whether your home is old or new it is almost a certainty that you will encounter some kind of plumbing emergency at least once. And with that, you will probably need to call on your Nelspruit plumber. But what do you do when a plumber can’t get to you immediately? Learning to “quick fix” minor plumbing issues before they become major problems is the smart thing to do but in the unfortunate event of a plumbing catastrophe, homeowners should know the basics to keep things under control until the plumber arrives.  […]
October 23, 2017

Nelspruit Plumbers Now Offering Service Level Agreements

As top Nelspruit plumbers, Streamline Plumbing has worked on all types of sites. From private homes needing a burst geyser taken care of, to provide the initial plumbing for all kinds of complexes and estates, our team always delivers a great service. But sometimes, what you might need is more than a once off service. For this reason, we at Streamline Plumbing are soon introducing a service level agreement for those who might find that they are calling on our services more often. Ideal for guest houses, hotels, schools, clinics, restaurants and even residential homes, there are many benefits to […]
September 13, 2017
plumbers in nelspruit

5 Bits of Advice from our Plumbers in Nelspruit

Plumbers in Nelspruit have seen it all, and we have a few bits of advice that might help prevent a plumbing emergency. When your taps are leaking, your drains are clogged or your pipes decide today is the right time to burst, there can be no worse feeling than literally seeing your money go down the drain! While plumbing emergencies do happen, it is not always an old pipe that is at fault. Trying to fix pipes that have been clogged up, to trying to fix that pesky leak, trying to make things work on your own is not the […]