Plumbers in Nelspruit have seen it all, and we have a few bits of advice that might help prevent a plumbing emergency.

When your taps are leaking, your drains are clogged or your pipes decide today is the right time to burst, there can be no worse feeling than literally seeing your money go down the drain! While plumbing emergencies do happen, it is not always an old pipe that is at fault.

Trying to fix pipes that have been clogged up, to trying to fix that pesky leak, trying to make things work on your own is not the solution to the plumbing problem. Your plumbers in Nelspruit are here to offer you a little advice that might just save you from a plumbing meltdown:

1. Oil and grease don’t belong in your drain

You have roasted your Sunday lunch potatoes and now you are sitting with a pan full of oil. Should you be throwing it down the drain? The answer is a definite no. One of the biggest plumbing issues plumbers see has to do with oil and grease being thrown down the kitchen sink.

Plumbing Maintenance

Why is it such a big deal? Well, the moment it goes down the drain it ends up clogging the pipes when it cools off. Our team suggests that you rather dispose of your cooking oil and grease by pouring it into a can, freezing it and then throwing it out on the day that your rubbish is collected.

2. Don’t ignore any plumbing problems

Even the smallest plumbing issue can cost you. Your tape might only be dripping that little bit but it is going to cost you a lot of money in the long run. It is going to eventually wear away at the tap and its inner workings. Fixing a tap when it is just starting to leak is easy and inexpensive, but when your tap has been dripping over a long period of time, the damage can end up being costly.

3. Know that your skills might only get you so far

Being able to fix minor plumbing problems is a good skill to have, but there is a limit to what your skills will allow you to achieve when it comes to your Nelspruit plumbing. And it is good to know where your limits lie. Those small fixes that you think you can handle can end up becoming costly mistakes that your Nelspruit plumber will have to take care of. Sometimes it is best to rather call in a professional.

4. Limit your use of chemicals

How many reading this have used or continue to use chemicals in their drains as a quick fix to their blockage problems? While there are all sorts of chemicals available on the market that claim to be able to take care of your drains, they are not exactly good for the pipes that they claim to be cleaning. Many of the chemicals in the drain cleaners eat at the pipes and the underground drain systems, leaving the pipes brittle which mean more chance of the pipes breaking.

5. Keep your plumbing up to date

After many years of wear and tear, the plumbing in your home is likely to start breaking. It happens! Your Nelspruit plumber should be able to tell you if your plumbing is out of date, depending on the year that your house was built and the kind of pipes that were used during that period. Should you be living in an older home, it might be worthwhile to call out your plumber to give you some valuable advice.

As plumbers in Nelspruit, we love what we do. We only use the latest pipes and tools and we pride ourselves on giving great advice along with the very best services. Our friendly team will also happily take care of your plumbing emergencies, so give us a call and let us give you peace of mind.